Pie Blog #1

Updated: Jan 5

Pimp your Pie!

So we have decided to add some recipes to our photos.

We like to call it a Pie blog.

But sure we will have some more content coming soon.

Let's start with our favourite meal of the moment:

BBQ Pulled Pork Pie

With Mac & Cheese and Pink Slaw

All you need is a BBQ Pulled Pork Pie and this:

Pink Slaw

250g Mayo

Juice of 1 Lemon

2 TBS Whole Grain Mustard

200g White Cabbage

200g Red Cabbage

100g Julien or Grated Carrot

½ Sliced Red Onion

1 TSP Salt

Mix together the Mayo, Mustard and Lemon Juice. Combine all ingredients together. Feel free to add some fresh herbs in the mix too, it works very well with fresh thyme.

Mac & Cheese

40g Butter

50g Flour

1 TBS Hot Mustard

400ml Milk

¼ TSP Cayenne Pepper or Paprika

¼ TSP Nutmeg

100g Cheddar

100g Mozzarella

250g Macaroni

Melt the Butter in a pan, add the flour and stir in for a minute, add the Mustard and and slowly start mixing in the milk on a low heat. Once the Sauce has come together, add the Cayenne Pepper and Nutmeg. Slowly stir in the Cheddar bit by bit. Boil the pasta in salted water until slightly al dente, strain and run under cold water to cool. Combine the pasta and sauce and fill in an oven proof dish. Cover with Mozzarella and bake for 20-30 minutes at 180 Fan until golden and bubbly. This can also be prepared the day before and baked from the fridge, just allow an extra 5-10 minutes in the oven.

The whole dish can be garnished with with some Spring Onions, Fresh Chilli and Rostzwieble. Enjoy!

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