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Cheeky Who?

Cheeky GmbH was founded in 2019 by us, James & Chantal, husband and wife. We started as a catering business while excitedly awaiting our first newborn baby girl. Plans for a proper British Café were also in the works. Additionally, James had his eye on running the food truck connected to Froggys Pub in Eimsbüttel on weekends, serving British food and Loaded Fries to the pub community.

The story of PIES began actually in November 2019 when James stumbled upon an old Pie Press on eBay UK. Unable to resist the idea of making pies, we put in our bid and waited excitingly, and - we got it! When the pie press arrived, we eagerly tested it, crafting our first pie base with shortcrust pastry and filling it with lamb and red cabbage ragout (weekend leftovers from our fridge). The adventure truly kicked off from there.

Experimenting with pastry and fillings turned out great, and soon we were making small batches of pies to sell at Froggy's food truck and gave it a try. On January 25, 2020, we hosted our first Pie Party at the truck. Despite a small hiccup with the power, we sold out of pies and felt thrilled.

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, we had to adapt our plans. With catering jobs cancelled, our only option was to open our food truck for takeaway lunch. Fortunately, we were able to bring joy with our pies to neighbors stuck in home offices and expats missing home, allowing us to keep our little food business running despite the challenges.

Working in our friends gastro kitchen to produce the pies was fun but also a logistical challenge. Our work space was small and the business was growing… In July 2021, we finally got our own production kitchen, the „HQ“ - a big step forward for us and Cheeky Pies.

Having our own production kitchen was a game-changer. It meant we could create unlimited flavors for pie fillings, experiment freely, and keep our food truck supplied with plenty of pies. Plus, we hosted some unforgettable private dinners and Sunday roast clubs in our rustic yet charming kitchen, which some of our followers surely remember.

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The years flew by, and we gathered lots of experience while expanding our cheeky team. Then, on May 26, 2023, a date doubly special as it marks our wedding anniversary, we celebrated yet another milestone: the grand opening of our very own restaurant in the Weidenalle, Hamburg. The Cheeky Pantry: a proper British Pie shop, finally in Germany.